When I’m not working

15th June 2015 , , Dave Wilks

So what does a photographer do when they aren’t taking photos of families, special events or client’s functions? Well, I can’t speak for all photographers but I’m often out…..taking photographs! Its not only my job but my passion, so going out on the streets and capturing either landscapes, an amazing sunset (I’m not a early riser so sunrises are very far and few between) or going into cities and catching people going about their everyday life is enjoyable.  Oh and countrysides to photograph nature and animals.

There is something about capturing the true essence of someone when they don’t know when their photo is being taken, no airs and graces, no smile to the camera and no staged pose. Just raw personalities and throw in a black and white edit and you have what I think is real soul & depth to photographs. Have a look at some of the my favourites and maybe let me know if you agree with me.

All images you see are available upon request if you would like to buy a print or framed picture, just get in touch.


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