Ponteland New Year’s Day wheelbarrow race

3rd January 2017 , , Dave Wilks
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This historic annual event is thought to have dated back to the early 14th Century.

The race is so well attended and is the first event that Ponteland host of the New Year with it starting outside the Blackbird at 12noon. Such is its popularity now, there has had to be a split of children race, women’s race and Men’s race.

The aim of the game (or as some see it as the most competitive race) is to race round Ponteland in a wheelbarrow, swapping over to give the other a rest half way round.

Hundreds of people come out to watch this event, including myself which has been a childhood memory for many many years come rain or shine. It has been known on the rare occasions when its snowed to still manage to compete.

Money for Charity is raised and each year the infamous David Taylor runs for St Oswalds with the kitchen sink AND its unit on his back…………

Once the race has been ran  and the awards handed out then the majority piled into the pubs around the village and continue the celebrations.

I hope you love the photos I take of such occasion and it shows the true community spirit of a lovely village.


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